Functions and features of our hosting

Everything companies and agencies need for their WordPress hosting


WordPress & plugin updates

Keep an overview of your core, plugins and templates. Automatic updates by HostPress® experts or manually with our WordPress Toolkit.

Free migration

We take care of the migration of your existing WordPress website free of charge. Fast and uncomplicated.

Template & plugin support

Our support team has many years of experience with well-known premium themes and plugins. For example, do you need a proximity search for your branches with a Google Maps connection? We’ll recommend the right plugin for you.

Flexible tariffs thanks to add-ons

Only pay for what you really use. Everything else is optional. So there’s something for everyone, from individual sites to resellers.

Consulting and performance optimisation

Everyone needs a hobby: some people tune cars, we tune websites. We take a look at your WordPress and provide tips and tricks for on-page optimisation.

Expert support from Germany

Customer contact at eye level is important to us. We are here for you. Operation & server location 100% in Germany.


High-end hardware

With us, your WordPress website always runs at peak performance! We only use first-class hardware and provide every customer with dedicated resources.


Handles more requests simultaneously and is therefore more than twice as fast as HTTP/1.1, making your WordPress site extremely fast.

PHP 8.3

With PHP 8.3, the JIT compiler enables a speed increase of more than 100% compared to PHP 7.4. We support all PHP versions from 7.x


Do you have a lot of visitors on your site? NGINX can handle up to 10 times as many requests as Apache in the same time. So your WordPress remains stable even under load.


Up to 300% faster compared to non-SSD. Ideal for a large number of simultaneous accesses.



The Outbound Spam Protector ensures that no spam can be sent via your WordPress. It limits outgoing messages according to your rules.

Malware Scanning & Patching

Our system recognises malware and ensures that it is quarantined. Optionally, we can help you remove the malware and ensure that there are no further infections.

Bruteforce & DDoS protection

Thanks to our security management, your WordPress is automatically protected against brute force attacks on the backend. We even have the right tools to protect against DDoS attacks.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Our web application firewall uses ModSecurity to check incoming HTTP traffic for malicious requests. Attackers are blocked and the load on the server is reduced. The gatekeeper for your WordPress.

Free SSL from Let's Encrypt

An SSL certificate not only effectively secures your visitors’ personal data against criminal misuse, but is also favoured by search engines such as Google over sites without SSL in the upper ranks of search results.


Time-controlled according to your specifications or manually. Complete or incremental. The choice is yours, with just one click your WordPress websites are backed up. We back up for you for 7 days – with Extended Backup even up to 30 days.


You can decide whether you want to store your backups locally, on your FTP or with us. For resellers: A backup saves all customer websites including databases in one file and can be restored with one click.


Centralised management of updates for all your WordPress installations. Decide for yourself whether the WordPress core, plugins or themes should be updated on a single or all WordPress installations.

Isolated hosting

Each of your WordPress installations is completely isolated and has dedicated resources at its disposal. Other customers in our system will never affect the speed or security of your website.


1-click application installer

With just one click you can have your WordPress installed in 30 seconds. Other CMS such as Joomla, TYPO3, Magento or Drupal are also supported.

1-click backup & restore

Your website can be completely backed up or restored with just one click. You can also make an incremental backup to save your storage space.

WordPress Toolkit

The WordPress Toolkit is a central administration interface that allows you to easily install, configure and manage your WordPress systems. It can also be used for template or plugin updates.

WordPress Auto-Installer

One click starts the express installation of the latest WordPress. Of course, you can also install an older version or other languages for the backend on a customised basis.

phpMyAdmin integrated

Manage your MySQL databases with phpMyAdmin. You can edit tables in databases, export or import data and execute SQL queries.

Log files & server statistics

Keep an eye on everything – whether it’s attacks on your WordPress, overuse of resources or the expiry of a contract. HostPress® automatically notifies you and your customers by email – in real time.