For strong websites or agencies

All our server tariffs include a free relocation service for up to 10 WordPress websites.

Save with an annual payment method

additionally up to 17 %*

140 €/ Month
for annual payment, plus VAT.
  • 4 - 24vCPUs
  • 8 - 128 GBRAM
  • up to 2 TBNVMe SSD
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165 €/ Month
for annual payment, plus VAT.
  • 16 GBRAM
  • 160 GBNVMe SSD
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315 €/ Month
for annual payment, plus VAT.
  • 32 GBRAM
  • 240 GBNVMe SSD
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577 €/ Month
for annual payment, plus VAT.
  • 16 vCPUsAMD EPYC
  • 64 GBRAM
  • 360 GBNVMe SSD
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875 €/ Month
for annual payment, plus VAT.
  • 32 vCPUsAMD EPYC
  • 128 GBRAM
  • 600 GBNVMe SSD
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1075 €/ Month
for annual payment, plus VAT.
  • 48 vCPUsAMD EPYC
  • 192 GBRAM
  • 900 GBNVMe SSD
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These features are included with all
managed cloud servers:

  • 7 days automatic backups
  • Unlimited installations
  • Unlimited mailboxes
  • 30 days cashback
  • Automatic updates
  • X-Ray
  • Imunify360
  • WP optimization
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • WooCommerce
  • Redis Cache
  • SSL certificates
  • Premium Support
All functions
More than 5,000 websites load faster with HostPress®

99,99% Uptime

The availability of our systems was over 99.99% on average in 2023

Fast response time

Our competent support team solves problems within a few hours.

Free removal

When you become a HostPress customer, we will move your website, domain & emails to us. PageSpeed optimization included.

Free SSL

The issuance of an SSL certificate is free of charge free of charge and is automatically renewed every 30 days.

Geo-Redundant Backups

Two daily backups of your site in different data centers.


Special nginx server configuration in combination with one of our caching plugins

Dedicated resources

We mainly use our own high-quality hardware hardware & guarantee you fixed capacities.

Certified data centers

High Availability (HA) is standard for us and guarantees you maximum availability.

Server & company location in Germany

GDPR-compliant hosting, unaffected by the CLOUD Act.

100% green electricity

We work exclusively with data centers centers that offer a power supply from renewable energies.

Years of experience set us apart!

For maximum performance, we have spent years building our own infrastructure a solution that stands out from other providers. Our support team is available 24/7 if required, to get the best out of your WordPress website!

Managed WordPress hosting
as it is written in the book

Our flexible plans are packed with features that
WordPress experience.

With an annual payment method
you can save up to 17 %*
Managed Cloud Server
from 115 € / Month
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Server location
NGINX / Apache
.htaccess files (via reverse proxy)
Script execution times
600 sec. (configurable as desired)
Administration interface
Plesk (Obsidian)
Staging environment (testing & development)
Cloning & synchronization for WP
8.x (always current version)
PHP .INI-Editor
512MB (freely configurable)
FTP(S) accesses
SSH access (SFTP)
Web-FTP (File Manager)
Highly available cloud infrastructure
Protection against overloads (LVE Manager)
Web statistics (AWStats, Webalizer)
Traffic statistics
Log files (incl. real-time logs)
Own SSL certificates
Alias domains (forwarding)
unlimited (free of charge)
Name server settings
Individual DNS entries
Configurable Whois entries
Depending on plan
E-mail forwarding
Webmail (RoundCube)
Secure mail transfer (SSL)
max. 500 e-mail / hour
Autoresponder / Out of office note
Receiver aliases
Spam and virus filter
DNS blacklist check
7 days (extendable)
DDoS protection
Web App Firewall (ModSecurity)
Bruteforce protection (Fail2Ban)
Manual backups (backup manager)
Password protection for directories (.htpasswd)
SSL encryption
Own SSL certificates
CageFS Webspace Isolation
AV contract
GDPR-compliant hosting
Storage period log files
7 days
Log file anonymization
Data center certification
ISO/IEC 27001
Office hours
Mo. - Fr. 8:00 - 17:00 Uhr
Relocation of e-mail mailboxes
50 (5 pro Domain)
Transfer service for domains
Hardware (CPU, RAM, disk I/O, bandwidth)
Software (Apache, NGINX, MySQL)
Monthly price with annual payment
je nach Tarif
Monthly price with monthly payment
je nach Tarif
Set-up fee
Kostenlos (Ausnahme: FLEX POWER zu 99,-€ zzgl. MwSt.))
Contract term
1 Monat / 12 Monate
Billing period
1 Monat / 12 Monate
Payment options
SEPA-Lastschrift / Rechnung
Ab 49,00 €
Ab 5,00 € / Monat (einmalig 20 € Einrichtungsgebühr)
Additional domain
Ab 18,00 € / Jahr
1x per year free of charge / thereafter € 250.00 per WP

How easy it is to move to HostPress

As a managed WordPress host, we support you every step of the way,
to ensure the success of your business

Step 1

Select plan

We will be happy to advise you and find the best plan for your use case. The requirements for WordPress web hosting vary greatly depending on the traffic and the setup of plugins and theme used. Once you have placed your order, we will contact you for the rest of the process.
Step 2

Book a date to move

Select a date in our migration calendar and we will then request all the necessary data. Your personal contact will explain the process to you in advance and ensure that the migration runs smoothly and that your live site is always available.

Step 3

HostPress does the rest!

We set up our Rocket cache and ensure that your website loads at the ideal speed. Finally, you’ll receive a before-and-after performance comparison with GTMetrix. We proactively monitor the availability of your site and remain your point of contact for all your WordPress hosting needs.