Real WordPress
maintenance from professionals

Our team of experts installs all updates manually & then checks your website for
functionality - without any automation or bots!

Save with an annual payment method

additionally up to 29 %*

Ideal for beginners
or smaller websites
55 €/ Month
for annual payment, plus VAT.
  • Plugin-
    up to
    30 plugins
  • WordPress core updates
  • Theme updates
  • WooCommerce support
  • Emergency hotline 24/7
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Suitable for stores and
large instances
88 €/ Month
for annual payment, plus VAT.
  • Plugin-
    up to
    50 plugins
  • WordPress core updates
  • Theme updates
  • WooCommerce Support
  • Emergency hotline 24/7
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The business solution with
dedicated emergency hotline
385 €/ Month
for annual payment, plus VAT.
  • Plugin-
  • WordPress core updates
  • Theme updates
  • WooCommerce Support
  • Emergency hotline 24/7
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More than 5.000 websites load faster with HostPress®

Prices are per WordPress installation and do not include an active HostPress hosting contract.
We do not support updates of multisite environments.

All prices are net prices plus statutory VAT.
Our offer applies exclusively to businesses.

Internet users worldwide
5.3 billion
Websites worldwide
1.88 billion
Of which WordPress
43,1 %
Hacker attacks / month
966 million

We keep your WordPress secure

5 reasons why regular maintenance
of WordPress is important

63 % of WP's are outdated

The vast majority of hacker attacks are usually large-scale hacking campaigns. These are based in particular on very well-known security gaps, but also on security gaps that have actually already been closed. It is therefore absolutely essential to always keep your WordPress up to date. The fact that WordPress is the most popular CMS of all makes it the perfect target for hackers, malware, DDoS attacks and many other malicious accesses. An up-to-date WordPress prevents most attacks!

Security of your WordPress

Updates often contain important security patches that protect your WordPress from hacker attacks and security vulnerabilities.

Bugs & troubleshooting

Updates can also fix technical issues that can affect the stability and functionality of your website.

Preventive protection

Updates can improve WordPress performance, including loading times and overall speed.

New features

Updates often include new features that can improve the user experience and enhance the functionality of WordPress.

SecurePlan - Our services

Within our SecurePlan we offer optimal
security for every WordPress


Regular updates ensure that your WordPress remains secure and stable.


Experts monitor the compatibility of your WordPress with other systems and ensure that all updates are carried out correctly.

Time saving

You can concentrate on your business while the update management is handled by experts.

Reporting & statistics

A professional team monitors the security of your WordPress and carries out any necessary security updates.

Years of experience set us apart!

For maximum performance, we have spent years building our own infrastructure a solution that stands out from other providers. Our support team is available 24/7 if required, to get the best out of your WordPress website!

All technical details at a glance

What strategies do attackers use to
attack standard WordPress security?

There are a variety of different methods that attackers use to try to circumvent WordPress' own security:

Automated botnet attacks

In this type of WordPress hack, the brute force attacks, the hackers try to gain access to the admin account of unsuspecting webmasters/entrepreneurs with the help of a botnet via repeated and automated login attempts in order to spread malware or host illegal content from there, among other things.

Spam bots in the comments section

In addition to account data, the comment function on WordPress is also repeatedly the target of attacks. This involves automated comments being left on thousands of websites, which reduce the reputation of the website and may link to infected websites.

DDoS attacks

With the help of automated DDoS attacks ( DDoS = Distributed Denial of Service ), hackers attempt to attack the WordPress website with a huge number of requests and cause the server to collapse as it can no longer process the huge amounts of data. This WordPress hack often has direct and serious economic disadvantages for those affected.

SQL injections

SQL injections ( SQL = Structured Query Language ) target the heart of every WordPress website: The database. This is where all of the website’s content is stored. Not only the operators, but also the users of the website have the possibility to infiltrate content into the database. This is exactly where the WordPress hack SQL injection comes in: The hacker enters an SQL command into the contact form (often automated), which is identified as harmless by WordPress and is then executed. The attacker can then delete, spy on or change the data with serious consequences.
More than 5.000 websites load faster with HostPress®

99,99% Uptime

The availability of our systems was over 99.99% on average in 2023

Fast response time

Our competent support team solves problems within a few hours.

Free removal

When you become a HostPress customer, we will move your website, domain & emails to us. PageSpeed optimization included.

Free SSL

The issuance of an SSL certificate is free of charge free of charge and is automatically renewed every 30 days.

Geo-Redundant Backups

Two daily backups of your site in different data centers.


Special nginx server configuration in combination with one of our caching plugins

Dedicated resources

We mainly use our own high-quality hardware hardware & guarantee you fixed capacities.

Certified data centers

High Availability (HA) is standard for us and guarantees you maximum availability.

Server & company location in Germany

GDPR-compliant hosting, unaffected by the CLOUD Act.

100% green electricity

We work exclusively with data centers centers that offer a power supply from renewable energies.