Why our
WordPress hosting?

So that your website loads at lightning speed at all times and
you can concentrate on your business!

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Better loading times for more sales and SEO success!

Advantages of our hosting

Short loading times are not only pleasant for your visitors, but essential for a top ranking in Google’s search results. To rank in the top three positions, your website must load on average 7 – 8 hundredths of a second faster than your competitors. A good partner in WordPress hosting always pays off in the long term!

This is how your loading time changes when you move to HostPress…

Performance is the key

If your website loads too slowly, many visitors will bounce. Trust in your brand suffers and you lose revenue without even realizing it. Stable and maximally fast WordPress hosting is therefore also an important part of your SEO measures.


All of our employees specialize in WordPress. Our goal is to offer the fastest, most secure and easiest WordPress hosting in Germany. Whether you are an agency, a DAX-listed company or the craft business next door: our customers can always rely on us!

HostPress is TÜV certified with the grade "VERY GOOD"

Excellent customer service

This is also confirmed by our customers. In a survey of all our existing customers conducted by TÜV Saarland in 2023, we scored VERY GOOD (1.4) in terms of customer satisfaction. This fills us with pride and reaffirms us on our path.

All the functions you need
for your hosting:

Behind the scenes at

Entrust your WordPress hosting to the right people! Get to know our founder Marcus Krämer in an interview to find out what we offer our customers:

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Managed hosting -
the way it should be.

Best performance and maximum security – while others still advertise with CPU cores, RAM and web space, we prefer to concentrate on support and advice to ensure that your WordPress is always fast and secure. Our platform and our WordPress team have everything you need to offer you all-round carefree WordPress hosting.

Performance for the
highest demands

Our architecture offers an enormous performance boost. Speed improvements of 400% in the front and back end – simply by switching to HostPress® – are not uncommon. At least that’s what our customers tell us. And since website tuning is our biggest hobby, we will of course also lend a hand with your site.

As secure as
Fort Knox

WordPress is the most popular CMS worldwide and therefore also a popular target for hacking attacks. We protect your website from malicious attacks as soon as it is running on our servers. If it is infected by malware before you switch to us, you can contact our expert support team. We will fix the problem and also close your security gap so that your site is no longer attacked.

Support from people who
really love WordPress

We make sure that your websites are accessible. If you’re still stuck and don’t know what to do, our team of WordPress experts is always there for you. Customer satisfaction is our greatest asset, which is why we are always on an equal footing with our customers. That’s what makes our managed service from HostPress® stand out.

Managed service for all-round carefree hosting

The maintenance and upkeep of WordPress is often complex and time-consuming. To prevent hacking and spam attacks, the core, themes and plugins must always be kept up to date. Errors can often occur, the site is no longer accessible and you don’t know what to do. That doesn’t have to be the case: We take care of the complete operation of your WordPress and you can finally get back to doing what you do best.

Server location: Germany

We offer hosting “Made in Germany”, because our server location and company location are both in Germany. We mainly rely on our hardware in the heart of the Saarland. ❤️

Always at the cutting edge of technology

We always use the latest and best technology to make your WordPress a rocket. Faster than your local host: NGINX, Plesk, PHP 8.3, MySQL (MariaDB) ensure speed, security and stability on all your websites – you can also use older PHP versions in parallel.

Data protection -
Made in Germany

We offer hosting “Made in Germany”, because our server location and company location are both in Germany. This means that all data remains within Germany and does not end up in the hands of third parties.

Honest hosting
with competent partners

We do not want servers to be overprovisioned, but place great value on a simple and secure environment that fits your requirements and always offers the highest possible performance – even during peak loads. To keep this promise, we only use the latest and best technology required for modern hosting.

Plesk is the leading WebOps platform for web hosting and offers centralized management of CMS systems such as WordPress.

CloudLinux™ (LVE) isolates your environment and prevents one account from consuming excessive server resources and slowing down the entire server.