WordPress market share 2024

The market share of the WordPress CMS

Since its launch as a small blog tool in 2003, WordPress has developed into the most important content management system (CMS) in the world – and is therefore no longer just blog software. Here you can find out more about the distribution of WordPress and its current market share in Germany.

The market share of WordPress at a glance

62,8 % of all CMS-based websites are
operated with WordPress

43,2 % of all websites on the internet run
with WordPress

The spread of WordPress is unique, as all other content management systems are losing market share or are losing market share or stagnating in their economic growth. Source: W3Techs.com

WordPress market share

Year-on-year development

Source: W3Techs

More than 43% of all websites in the world currently use WordPress

This also includes websites without a content management system (CMS) or with a self-programmed CMS. If you reduce all websites to the largest content management systems for comparison, the market share of WordPress is even higher. In this case, WordPress currently has a market share of over 62%!

WordPress market share compared to the competition

Alle Webseiten
CMS Markt
43,2 %
62,8 %
4,3 %
6,2 %
2,6 %
3,8 %
2,1 %
3,0 %
1,7 %
2,5 %

Why do so many users choose WordPress?

Many factors are involved in the success of WordPress:

Your piggy bank is happy: you don't pay a cent!

Online shop, blog or web business card – with WordPress, you can create your very own platform with no limits. The WordPress source code is freely accessible and offers WordPress enthusiasts the opportunity to get to know the system better, expand it and try out new things.

Clear user interface

Whether you are already a WordPress expert or are just discovering the diversity of WordPress for the first time, the user interface is designed in such a way that you always have an overview. Clear structures and a simple layout make it easy for you to work.

Quick and easy to use

Thanks to the simple and clear WordPress interface, you always have a clear overview. Menu items and settings always remain in the same position, making it even easier for you to use.

Unlimited design options

The WordPress community is huge! So big that there is a huge range of talented developers for first-class themes and plugins. Thanks to the immense selection of themes and their design options, there are almost no limits to the creative and conceptual possibilities. Whether it’s an online shop, community website or complex forms – with WordPress, there are no limits to your creativity.

SEO-friendly thanks to themes and plugins

Even the dreaded SEO issue is child’s play with WordPress thanks to various themes and plugins! With the right plugins, you can easily improve your search engine ranking and include the right keywords in your posts.

Top 6 well-known German websites based on WordPress

The best alternative among content management systems

The free use, the clear features with simple operation, limitless design options and numerous plugins that offer your WordPress site everything from performance to SEO make WordPress the most popular and advanced content management system in the world.

One in four websites is now based on WordPress. This is also accompanied by a huge WordPress community:
If you have problems or questions, you can find a suitable forum within a very short time
or a specialist who can help.

There are now many companies that have specialised in the CMS that dominates the market.
As a result, there no longer seems to be a real alternative to WordPress.

WordPress has gained a lead over the years that smaller and newer systems will struggle to catch up with.

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